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Recent Events
Institute for Education of Women in Africa and the Diaspora

IEWAD's Recent Events

Second Abidjan Scholarship Benefit

Second Abidjan Scholarship Benefit


Beautiful West African fashions, rhythmic drums, and delicious food welcomed our guests at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the 2nd IEWAD fundraiser. See more details on the newsletter page.

Third Abidjan Scholarship Benefit

Lycee Moderne de Tiassale Scholarship Recipients

IEWAD sponsored its Third Abidjan Scholarship Benefit on April 25th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Ann Arbor, Michigan). We had a special photo presentation by several of our scholarship recipients, lively entertainment provided by Likewater Drumworks Troupe and the Mbongu Dance Theatre Project, and great food!
Proceeds from the Benefit will go towards supporting more than 25 high school girls in Abidjan and Tiassale, Cote d'Ivoire.

The 4th Edition of "A Selected List of Fellowship, Scholarship, Grant, and Other Training Opportunities Available to African Women Students and Scholars"  is now available. This edition can be easily accessed from this website (see link below). It is a "pdf" document which can easily be read with the Adobe Acrobat software program.

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